Book events in Brittany - September 2010

Mirren of Mirren Jones ran two very lively and enjoyable events in the new craft centre in Laurenan - Elizabeille's. The success of Meet The Author was aided by an excellent selection of wines and cheeses, and an intimate atmosphere generated by flickering candles in pretty jars on the cafe style tables. Leah, a local sculptor, worked away all the while on a beautiful figure.

'Do you have book in you?' the Mirren Jones writing workshop, should have been scheduled for a whole day rather than just a morning, given the amazing stories shared within the group whose own lives sounded more like the subject of fiction than any novel. Proof yet again, that there are stories everywhere.

Thanks to Elizabeth, the hostess, who made the events possible and drummed up support among the expat community. Mirren Jones will benefit from ongoing contact with several participants, who are happy to check facts in the new Mirren Jones novel 'Never Do Harm', partly set in France.