Early days


20 August 2005


Sitting at Huisinis, on a day out from our new home on the Isle of Lewis, Bernard lays down the challenge.  


             'If you don't do it now, you never will.'


Peace and quiet, inspirational scenery, distance from family and friends and so finally - after all those years - space and time to do my own thing.   Write that book!


12 October 2005


I've told Elaine about the shocking disclosure one of my friends made at our recent reunion and how it has given me a great idea for that novel I planned to write.  'Why don't we write it together' she suggests.  I'm not sure about that.  It's my idea.  Why should she muscle in on it?   I agree to send her the first tentative chapter.

30 October 2005


After a lunch of sweet potato soup and some pretty revolting hemp style bread, we do what we always did best in our teaching work - set up the flip chart, get out the marker pens and the blue tack - and begin brainstorming names for our characters.  Born in the middle '50s in Scotland, Wales and England.  Just writing them down took us right back to our own schooldays - Stanley, Linda, Maureen, Jimmy, Pud, Dougie.  We spend a happy hour or more reminiscing.  But this isn't progressing the story much!


9th March 2006


Elaine has dyed her hair brown.  It quite suits her.

What will we call ourselves?  Elaine has a list of names, all anagrams of Elaine and Marion.  We settle on Iona Raminale - for now anyway.   Sardines on toast for lunch.  I have a sneaky Mars Bar in the car on my way home.


To be continued ...

inspiring setting Isle of Lewis