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  • 50,000th website visitor is announced!

    We offered the 50,000th website visitor a copy of 'Eight of Cups' and the chance to have a character named after him / her in our next novel, 'Never Do Harm', of which we have written 50,000 words so far.

    We were rather hoping that this person would be Scottish and male, so we could make him into an Edinburgh shop-owner. That would have given us some great dialogue possibilities in a scene where he and Simone have a disagreement over some key pieces of French porcelain. She is a fiesty French sculptress, and one of the main characters in the novel.

    The result however was rather unexpected. The winner wishes to remain anonymous and has given us the name of 'Kelpie' to use for a character. Now we'll have to feature a Scottish supernatural water-horse in the novel somewhere! (Either that or an Australian sheepdog . . .) Back to the storyboard!