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  • Elaine takes up Blogging

    Elaine has started a BLOG to showcase her stories and poetry and to voice her opinions on whatever takes her fancy. It's called 'When the Muse Takes Me' and can be found at:


    Here's an entry. Do go and check it out!

    Ode to Goldie

    You're dancing on air again, my lovely;

    naked in a velvet cloak and snow-white socks.

    Tresses wind-borne, high as a comet’s tail,

    piaffer with a ballerina’s grace.

    In the cadence of your footfalls time

    is stilled, your body held in perfect poise.

    Yet with spirit free, running with the sky,

    your beauty captive only in my heart.

    by Elaine Atkins August, 2010