Readers' feedback

Readers' feedback on Eight of Cups has been extremely positive. We are thrilled to learn that so many people are enjoying the book and pleased that they are also urging us to hurry up and finish the next one! Here is a small selection of responses received so far. Please feel free to use the Contact Us page to leave YOUR COMMENTS and we'd be very grateful if you could leave a review for us on Amazon and on Goodreads which will all help to attract other readers. Thank You!

and from some Male Readers!

A thoroughly good read. As a 50 something myself, albeit a male one, I could identify with description of the phases of a life from youth through parenthood to grey hair and a few aches and pains. The whole book was a solid reminder that life is best lived realistically, rather than viewed through the distorting mirrors of "should" and "ought".

Richard, Fife

I really enjoyed it. I found it fascinating on a lot of levels.

1. Being at college in Edinburgh in the early 70s and comparing that period from a woman's perspective to mine.
2. comparing the lives of the characters as they went through life - with people I knew and their experiences.
3. realising that life is difficult for everyone and that it is how we adapt and change to the circumstances (and how we grow) that helps to make us content in the end.

I reckon men have it easier as we don't spend nearly as much time analysing life and stuff!!

Sandy, Perthshire

What a lot of time and creative effort has gone into producing such a heartfelt story, a story anyone over their forties can relate to. We all face our Eight of Cups and probably no more acutely than now, in this time of rapid change. I could visualise the Jeddah part very well, and the memories came flooding back.

Graeme, Somerset

'Eight of Cups' is an excellent read. I can recommend it. I look forward to the next one.

Dave D, Newfoundland and Labrador