What's in a name?

29th November 2005

We've decided to call our novel 'Ecdysis'.  It's a biological term similar to 'metamorphosis'.  The old skin is shed and the new insect appears. It often happens after a period when development is put on hold - 'diapause'.


Women looking after children, throwing themselves into careers, taking care of elderly parents - putting their own personal development on hold while they do that.  It seems to suit.

20th April 2006

We toss around ideas for a new title - something to do with self/group/wisdom/age. 'Pearls of Wisdom', 'Don't Stop Me Now' or 'Greater Than The Sum'?  One word titles seems to be fashionable and easily remembered.  Maybe 'Truth'?  We settle for 'Veracity'.  It will go with our new format - chronological and in the third person.

12th May 2006

I pop into Elaine's after a day's teaching.  We agree that neither of is happy with 'Veracity' or the new format. It's a relief, but it means back to the drawing board.  She has eaten and I'm not keen on braised kidneys at the best of times.  So I head off for Dundee and that most fresh and tasty of fast food - a fish supper.

9th October 2008

Despite all our computer files and folders still bearing the name Ecdysis, we will have to find another more user-friendly title.  The latest one-paragraph summary of the book now suggests a title which reflects more


'a time to take stock, review past choices, consider if what you always wanted has brought you happiness,  and then ponder if there is a better way ahead'.


Idly flicking through my daughter's book on the Tarot, I stumble over the perfect solution - Eight of Cups.