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Eight of Cups



Dreams, ambitions, pleasures, plans and fears.


For Diane, Nancy and friends, leaving University in the mid 1970s, such attachments serve them well for more than a decade.  Along their roads from Edinburgh leading to England, Ireland, Wales, America and the Middle East, lives intertwine and paths cross.


But as 40 looms, the going gets tougher.  The old attachments tighten their grip with devastating consequences for some, as lives begin to unravel.


Eventually each women is forced to confront her individual attachments.  Some with insight, others not.


What will it take for each of them to let go?


By 2007 the question is answered.

'Living the dream.  That was me.  It was all I ever wanted, I told myself.  But gradually, as the years passed, I woke up.'

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Eight of Cups is Contemporary Women's Fiction and will appeal to women of all ages who like an emotionally deep and funny, well-written novel, that has carefully constructed characters: not always likeable - but believable!

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